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Past Kittens
Call 240-727-7753 or E-Mail info@mountainvuekittens.com to obtain more information about our kittens. We love hearing from you. Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have opened their homes and their hearts to our babies. If you are owned by a Mountainvue kitten, please send us photos to be included here!

Click below to see some of our kittens from other years.
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Snickers' Fall Kittens

Seal Point Male


Flame Point Male #1

Flame Point Male #2


Tortie Point Female #1

Tortie Point Female #2

Snickers' Spring Kittens

Seal Point Male
Hoss is staying at Mountainvue

Seal Point Male #1
Lives with Karl and Holli in Rawlings, Maryland

Seal Point Male #2
Lives with Julie and Carly in Stevensville, Maryland

Sabrina's Kittens

Chocolate Point Male #1
Oliver lives with Robin and her family in Cockeysville

Chocolate Point Male #2
Lives in Brookhaven, PA with Allison

Laura's Kittens

Blue Lynx Point Female
Sweet Summers Dream of Mountainvue is staying with Jan at Mountainvue

Blue Point Female
Lives with Karl and Holli in Rawlings, Maryland

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