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Mountainvue Kittens
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Mountainvue Kittens
is a small CFA registered cattery located in the heart of the Allegany mountains in Cumberland, Maryland. You may contact me either by telephone or e-mail.

I first started raising Himalayans in 1993 and then branched out to include the Persian line. In 2009, I decided to retire the Persian line, and I now raise mostly Himalayans in many colors including but not limited to lilac point, chocolate point, lynx point and flame point. I also have a few Persians.

My babies are raised underfoot with lots of “Tender Love and Care.” They are my little 4 legged “kids” – the kind of kids that you know where they are at 10:00 p.m. no matter what age. I try very hard to do the best I can to raise healthy, happy babies. They always live in a clean environment, and my contract guarantees the kitten you choose will have had their first shots, and have been litter trained. No kitten leaves before this time. I am a FelV, FIV free cattery. All of my adults have been checked upon coming into my home. I also have all breeding cats checked for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) as soon as they arrive they are PKD/DNA checked. I am certified PKD/DNA negative cattery.

All babies will have been bathed and blown dry several times starting at the age 6 weeks. They receive all of the daily care that makes them know they are loved and therefore are very outgoing to everyone they meet. When coming to my home, as you are greeted by me you are also greeted by them. Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. They know you have really come to see them and so I just open the door for you. None of the queens are caged, and the babies are caged only when they are first born for their safety with their moms. I do not want an accident to happen for any baby. The babies are all born with me at the Momma’s side to help her when needed. I try very hard to give them the best temperament possible. None of the moms are overbred, for their health as well as that of their babies. All moms have only one to two litters a year, depending on their weight and condition. I constantly try to improve where I can, being very careful to pick the right parents for each litter.

I love nothing more than when someone inquires about a kitten and asks questions. I am very happy to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. If anyone is interested in starting to breed, I will help you all that I can. I hope to save you a lot of grief by telling you what I can. I would rather you ask questions than not know and leave a question unanswered. Please note that deposits are made in good faith and are non-refundable.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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